Thursday, December 30, 2010

This Is My Rabbit Brian!

My adorable bunny, Brian! :D Brian is one years old, and will be two in may
I have had him for all most a year! He is so much fun! :D and I dont know wot I would do
with out him! :D

Brian looking fancy!

:D :D :D

Is he not Handsome? ;D

He love's sitting on the air vent in the summer!


  1. AW! How adorable! :):) What kind of rabbit is he? I used to have a rabbit, a French Angora (the really soft, white, fluffy ones with red eyes!) but she died. :( I miss her a lot but am planning on getting another one sometime next year.

    Thanks for sharing some pictures!! :)

    In Christ's Service,

  2. Julia, he is the cutest! Good post! We love your Brian, our home would be boring without him. He is the cutest bunny rabbit around! hey, nice blog!!!!!!

    Love, mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. He is very beautiful, I love rabbits. I have a doe 2 years too smart to watch TV with me. Congratulations, Brian is very beautiful!

  4. I know everyone else said this, but... awww! so cute.
    Your blog looks lovely!